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My name is Amanda Viers, and
I am a web developer / designer.

Screenshot of the Shame List Picture Show website showing Michael Viers and Nick Richards back to back with colorful paint splashes around them.

The Shame List Picture Show

Website Design, Graphics Design, Photography

The Shame List Picture Show is a podcast recorded in Milwaukee, WI and Easton, MD. The co-hosts Michael and Nick discuss films that, as filmmakers and cinephiles, they feel they should have already seen.

For this project, I designed their website and logo as well as the graphics on the site itself. The photos used for the design were taken by me. On occasion, I also help with their social media accounts. The logo design has been altered slightly to be made into stickers and buttons.

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Screenshot of a website showing the logo of 'Terrapotta: A Houseplant Lovers Blog' and two cacti on a light tan background.

Terrapotta: Houseplant Blog

Website and Graphics Design

This webpage is the result of an assignment in my Web Design II course. We were revisiting responsiveness in webpages to create a well structured version of the page on multiple device sizes. As the browser is scaled down on this page, the items shuffle and reorganize.

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Screenshot of the Sweetie Q's Vintage logo with two dogs in frame: one is a small white chihuahua and the other is a tan bully breed type.

Sweetie Q's Vintage

Graphics Design

Sweetie Q's Vintage is a vintage/antique shop in Milwaukee. The name comes from each of the co-owners beloved pets. Using reference photos provided by them, I drew each of the dogs and designed a vintage inspired logo around them. They were really trying to go for a mid-century modern style and wanted the use of the pink and blue in the color scheme.

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Vector drawing of a faded yellow rose and faded green leaves.

My name is Amanda Viers. I am a student at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee majoring in Information Science and Technology. When I graduate in December 2022, I will also have a minor in Visual Communication & Design, and certificates in Digital Arts & Culture and Web Development.

I began coding around 15 years ago by reverse-engineering websites I admired. For the longest time, my coding skillset did not expand beyond HTML, CSS, and very minimal PHP. I spent much of my middle and high school years building websites for fun. Since then, I have worked more with PHP, JavaScript, and Python. I primarily utilize Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and iPad with Procreate for my graphics work.

When I'm not making progress on my work, I am spending time with my family and pets or gardening.